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PGP Encryption Blackberry

Protect your sensitive business data with minimal complexities and no risks

Protection of all your sensitive business data from the unauthorized access is now easy with high performance. If you are looking for such a cost effective and user friendly security solution, then you are in the right place! You get the immediate results and don’t even have to face any IT complexities. Our world -class pgp encryption blackberry security solution keeps your sensitive data secured and offers you numerous benefits:

  • All your email communications automatically get secured and you get ultimate protection against unauthorized exposure.
  • Protect your data on numerous end point devices including removable devices, laptops and mobile devices.
  • Get an efficient data security solution with fast pgp blackberry encryption speeds with few passwords for the end users to remember.
  • Offer your recipients secured delivery options to secure the PDFs and web portals when they loose the encryption solution. Even when the end user’s device is lost you can protect the data.
  • Store and transport your data with ease and safety by controlling the use of external storage devices.

Whether you have small, medium or large scale businesses, this scalable solution adapts to all these while maintaining confidentiality with the shared servers. This flexible PGP encryption data security solution also allows you to expand your coverage.  In case of loss and unauthorized access, you can comprehensively protect your data on various storage media like PDAs and USB flash drives and e-mails. Our data pgp encryption software offers you a strong security solution with superior level of protection of your data across various end points.

A comprehensive solution for PGP encryption your e-mails

Ensure end-to-end security of you emails and mitigate any risk of unauthorized access. Without any complexity you can utilize the encryption service with your BlackBerry device. Your business can be successful with efficient technology solution which makes everything convenient for your clients. Our email encryption solution offers you various advantages:

  • Without any certificate management hassle, you can utilize this service at low costs.
  • You can dynamically generate the encryption key simply by using the recipient’s e-mail address. So you don’t have to take toil to create the keys.
  • Without any IT complexities, you can recover the keys. The encrypted keys can be used anytime.
  • The encrypted emails for BlackBerry can easily be decrypted by the recipients without installation or use of any software
  • You utilize a maintenance free service and reduce your management costs.
  • This security solution can be utilized with speed whether it is a laptop, desktop or BlackBerry device.
  • Anytime or anywhere the massages can be viewed with fast and intuitive accessing.

We can help grow your business with encrypted wireless e-mails. If you are looking for such a cost effective e-mail encryption solution to protect your confidential data, you can send the device to us for security set up. You can also do it on your own just by following a few easy instruction steps and it will be done within a day. You can also explain your exact requirement to us so that, we can provide a custom plan which suits these.

Keep your confidential information secured with PGP encrypted BlackBerry plans

Ensure that all your confidential messages are securely transferred. The wireless communications through your BlackBerry mobile devices are insecure without any security layer. Implementing the PGP systems is a smart choice when it is all about your e-mail security. With the increasing awareness about e-mail security the demand of pgp encrypted BlackBerries is also increasing. We ensure that all your businesses and personal communication messages stay secure with our cost effective and fast working BlackBerry encryption service.

  • Our encryption blackberry plans are available on pre-paid basis.
  • Get 24/7 support to keep your end to end communications secured.
  • Avoid the unwanted spam and unsolicited mails unlike any other typical PGP BlackBerry encrypted plans.
  • Get the reminder messages before the plan expiration so that you can renew your encryption plan.
  • Our BlackBerry encryption allows you to keep your BlackBerry device compatible with other devices which have the same service standards.
  • While you utilize the plan you can upgrade or downgrade your IT policies as per your wish and requirement.
  • We offer you free of cost secure wiping of your phones while ensuring that all your data remains confidential.

Avoid any potential damage due to theft or loss of your business information by extending PGP email security for your desktop and blackberry devices. With a set of digital signatures, security attachments and data encryption utilize the security benefits of this custom plan. Using such PGP encrypted BlackBerry phones; you can be more productive and efficient in managing the risks.

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Blackberry PGP Encryption

Here is what takes place as you type and send a message:

1. PGP first compresses the plain text. Data compression saves transmission time and strengthens the cryptographic security.
2. PGP then creates a Session Key, which is a one-time-only secret key. This key is randomly generated from the unique movements of your mouse and the keystrokes as you type the message. This Session Key works with a very secure encryption algorithm to Encrypt the Compressed Text.
3. Once the Compressed Text is Encrypted with the Session key as described, the Session Key is then Encrypted to the Recipient’s Public Key. This Public Key encrypted Session Key is transmitted along with the Compressed Encrypted Message to the Recipient.
4. When the message is received by the Recipient their copy of PGP uses their Private Key to Decrypt the temporary Session Key, which PGP then uses to decrypt and decompress the Encrypted Message so it can be read.

PGP Encryption Cell Phones

As mentioned, Public Keys of Recipients you send a Message to are retrieved automatically by PGP Universal unless you have previously messaged with them in which case their Public Key is cached (stored) on your Smartphone. This is why anytime you have your keys remade, any users you previously messaged with must Clear their Cache because they would be encrypting to your old Public key when sending you a message, which your new private key will not be able to decrypt.

A Message Encrypted to your Public Key can only ever be Decrypted with your Private key because they are mathematically related. It is however impossible to derive the Private Key from having only the Public Key.
The infrastructure Systems are certified as using GKM (Guarded Key Mode) – This means that the Users have an additional Passphrase on the system to protect their Private Keys. The User defined Secret Password on their device is also Encrypted to their Private Key for security and is required to unlock the private key for use in decrypting messages. A user can access the system at the point of sale and enter their own personalized Passphrase if desired.
Servers automatically delete Encrypted Messages held every 6 hours to allow for users whose devices are off due to travel time etc to be able to retrieve their messages. When a user deletes a message manually on their Smartphone it is deleted throughout the system automatically.

PGP Encryption Service for Mobile Devices
– Use Encrypted Wireless’ Encryption Service to Prevent Mobile Messages from being Read by Third Party Individuals.
– Information leaks cost Companies a fortune and Individuals their well being on a regular basis worldwide.
– Messages are Encrypted using Military Grade 4096 Bit PGP Encryption Technology.
– Messages are Encrypted on the Handheld, Sent through the Wireless Network and/or Internet and then Decrypted on the Recipients Handheld.
– Messages are Not Possible to Decrypt without Users Secret Private Key Only Accessible by their Private Password.
– Messages are Automatically Deleted from the System when a User deletes them from their handheld.
– Users Can Remotely Delete All Data on the Blackberry if the Unit is Lost as a Security Measure.
– Unlimited World Wide Encrypted Email Service (Depends on Users Data Plan, however it’s Always Unlimited when Using Network Service sold by Encryption Service Provider)
– Use Wi-Fi In any Remote Area not Covered by a Mobile Carrier to Send Encrypted Messages.
Traditional Communication Vulnerabilities and Comparison:
– Regular Email Messages (Non Encrypted) – Are Easily and Routinely Intercepted and Read by Third Party Individuals.
– Voice Calls – Are Routinely Intercepted and Monitored by Third Parties.
– Text Messages – Are Not Encrypted, Intercepted by Third Parties and Logged by Carriers for 7 Years.
– Pin to Pin Messages – Are Not Encrypted and can Be Intercepted and Logged. There are Monitoring Software’s that identify Key words of “Interest” and then Log an Individuals PIN for Monitoring of what they Talk about and what other PINs they Talk with. A PIN is Physically Attached to the Blackberry Device like a serial number whereas an Email is Not and can be moved to another Device Anytime. Once someone has a PIN of “Interest” they could also track your device whereas with Encrypted Email there would be no “interest” in the first place because the messages are not possible to be Intercepted and Read.

Pretty Good Privacy

Every user has an unique private and public key pair. Sending a message requires the encryption of the Public Key of the recipient. This is retrieved from the PGP Universal Server infrastructure. If you have previously messaged your recipient, then it will be retrieved from your handset’s memory cache.

How does it work?

The sequence of events taking place in PGP encryption is as follows:

  1. The first task of PGP is to compress the plain text. Compressing data bolsters cryptographic security and saves valuable transmission time.
  2. A Session Key is then created by PGP. This is a single time secret key. The session key generated in a random manner from unique movements of your computer’s mouse and the keystrokes as the message is typed. The Session Key functions in tandem with an extremely secure encryption algorithm and the compressed text is encrypted.
  3. Once encryption is complete, Session Key is encrypted with the Public Key of the recipient. This Session Key is then transmitted to recipient with the previously compressed and encrypted message.
  4. When the recipient receives the message key, the PGP copy decrypts the temporarily generated Session Key by using the copy of the Private Key. The message after decryption and decompress can be read.

It is to be noted that recipients’ public keys are automatically retrieved if you have messaged them before. In such cases, Public Key of your recipient is stored or cached on smartphone. This is the reason when you remake your keys, any user whom you have messaged previously must clear his or her phone’s cache. If this is not done, the user will be encrypting bases on the old Public Key when sending you a message. In this case, it will not be possible for you to decrypt the message.

Any message encrypted to the Public Key used by you can exclusively be decrypted with the Private Key used by you. However, it is not possible to create the Private Key after getting access to the Public Key.

Guarded Key Mode (GKM) certified infrastructure means that users have access to an extra pass-phrase to protect their respective Private Keys. The password defined by the user on his or her device is encrypted to the Private Key for purposes of security and must be available to unlock Private Key for decrypting the messages. An user could input their own pass-phrase if he or she wants to do so to enter the system.

Encrypted messages are automatically deleted by the servers at six-hour intervals. This is done to permit users whose handsets are turned off for purposes of travel and other necessities to retrieve messages. If a message is deleted manually by a user on a smartphone, then it automatically gets deleted all over the system.

The location of the infrastructure data center can be found out by visiting any website, which does a “trace route”. The search terminates in the infrastructure hosting country.

Mobile or cell phone device specific encryption services

  • Use the PGP encryption service offered by BlackBerry Secure to stop the unauthorized reading of messages by third parties.
  • Leak of sensitive information leads to companies losing substantial amounts of money.
  • Military standard 4096 Bit encryption is used to secure messages.
  • A message is encrypted on the handheld device itself and transmitted via internet or wireless network. It is then subjected to decryption on the device of the recipient
  • It is not possible to decrypt the messages without utilizing the secret private key of the user. This key can only be accessed by inputting a private password.
  • When an user deletes messages in the handheld device, it automatically gets erased from the system.
  • An user can delete all data on the BlackBerry by remote means if the handheld device is lost. This is an excellent security measure.
  • Unlimited world coverage is possible on the encrypted service. It is to be remembered that this convenience is dependent on the data plan chosen by the user.
  • Wi-Fi can be accessed in any remote location not covered by the mobile carrier. This can be used to transmit encrypted messages

EncryptYourMobile is a well-known firm specializing in PGP encryption. We offer the latest technology to meet all your communication needs. Our encrypted handsets are available in USA, Canada, Thailand, Spain, UK , Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic and Australia.

The Trademarks BlackBerry® and RIM® are owned by Blackberry Limited and are registered in the United States and may be pending or registered in other countries. EncryptYourMobile is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Blackberry Limited.

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